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Small round machine control system

Small round machine control system
Hengqiang small round machine full computer control system is a practical round weft machine type product developed by integrating the needs of many customers. This product adopts the high-end ARM processor from the hardware, highly integrated circuit design, which ensures the smoothness of the software operation, and the strong data processing capability, which is the quality guarantee of the product.
32-bit high-end processor with ARM core
720M extreme main frequency, high-speed enhanced real-time performance. Compared to the common domestic electronic control equipment using single-chip computer development technology, this product system's computing power and processing speed is more than 7 times, more effective to avoid the loss of program execution, dead, stuck and black screen and other phenomena.
Has a large storage capacity
It can store at least thousands of pattern files, each supporting more than 1,000 rows of knitting data, whereas traditional machines usually store only 4-5 patterns and fewer rows, which saves the user's time in switching patterns and increases the convenience of operation.
All states can be saved after power failure
This way it can be re-powered to continue knitting without wasting the previously half-knitted fabric.
Adopts 800*480 16-bit true color display
It also supports both keypad and touch screen operation, and either way can independently complete the human-machine interface interaction.
More humanized human-machine graphical interaction interface
And support multi-language operation interface (Note: Chinese, English, etc. and other customized languages).
Mainstream USB interface, provide the import and export function of flower pattern files and the upgrade and optimization of the main program.
Utilizing program adaptive algorithms
It automatically analyzes the domestic mainstream plate-making files and is compatible with different plate-making formats.
Significantly improve the performance of the error alarm, up to 20-way external sensor detection signal input, high-speed real-time processing of more alarm status, for a series of problems occurring in the knitting process (such as yarn breakage, zero position and other errors) can be timely alarm shutdown, can accurately locate the state of the needle selector, accurately locate such as the needle selector short-circuit, disconnection, and other faults, high security.
Clever design of the power connector
A wide range of different types of needle selectors (piezoelectric ceramic sheet needle selectors, electrically held needle selectors, etc.) can be accommodated.
Control panel in one
Combining the dual-function control of the traditional model into one, the speed control of the machine is quick, easy to operate and cost saving.

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