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Competing in Martial Arts, Brilliant Sword, Strong Industry, and Strong Soldiers | Hengqiang Technical Service Training&Skills Competition Successfully Ends!

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2023-09-07 13:42


Compete in martial arts, shine the sword, and strive for excellence and strength

Hengqiang Technical Service Training&Skills Competition



In order to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and service capabilities of the company's marketing team, and cultivate professional technical service personnel who understand technology, have skills, are efficient, and have strong service capabilities, a series of targeted event arrangements have been developed under the guidance of professionals. With the convening of the closing ceremony, the curtain of the competition quietly descended. In this competition, all contestants fought bravely and became pioneers, ultimately achieving excellent results.


Pre competition training


The Hengqiang Technical Service Training&Skills Competition, with the aim of promoting learning through competition, invited R&D personnel to conduct pre competition training and learning for the participants.



Event arrangement


The competition is divided into two modules: theoretical exams and machine practical exercises. Written exams are used to assess the theoretical proficiency of participants, while machine practical exercises can assess their practical abilities, thereby better providing technical services to customers.


written examination



Practical operation



Closing Ceremony



The Hengqiang Technical Service Training&Skills Competition closed on May 6th, giving birth to the Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and Excellence Award. The winners were presented by Mr. Hu Junxiang, Chairman, Mr. Pan Zhigao, General Manager, and Ms. Ding Yinya, General Manager Assistant. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Ding encouraged everyone to practice the "sword" well, showcase the "sword", charge the front line of the market, fight against the tide of the times, irrigate abundant fruits with hard work, and fully demonstrate the courage and heroism of the market team!

Wenhuo quenches gold, accumulates momentum, and Hengqiang Technology will continue to adhere to the principle of customer first, research and development innovation, continuous exploration, and strive to cultivate professional technical service personnel with solid technology and good service. The vast sea allows fish to leap, while the sky allows birds to fly. All Hengqiang people unite with a common aspiration to create a better Hengqiang and build a prosperous Hengqiang together.


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