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Competing in Martial Arts, Brilliant Sword, Strong Industry, and Strong Soldiers | Hengqiang Technical Service Training&Skills Competition Officially Opened!

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2023-09-07 13:23


In order to improve the professional knowledge, skills, and service capabilities of the company's marketing team, and cultivate professional technical service personnel who understand technology, have skills, are efficient, and have strong services, the company has held the "Competition, Sword, Industry, and Soldier" Hengqiang Technical Service Training and Skills Competition, and held the opening ceremony at Hengqiang Company on the morning of May 3rd. Company executives, marketing team, and jury attended the opening ceremony.


Admission of marketing team and jury



Marketing team performs' I Believe '




Oath by referee representatives and participating representatives



Leadership Address



Mr. Pan Zhigao, the General Manager of the company, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, hoping that the marketing team can truly learn knowledge and technology through this training and competition, establish the values of "diligence, research, and practical work", shape a service brand of "precision, accuracy, and speed", and launch the first shot of the company's "cultivating high-quality talents at high levels".

Finally, Mr. Pan announced the official opening of the Hengqiang Technical Service Training and Skills Competition, titled "Competing in Martial Arts, Brilliant in Industry, and Strong in Soldiers"!

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