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New upgrade | Hengqiang fully formed plate making software is about to be released in a major way!

Release time:

2023-09-07 13:30

Plate making is an important part of fabric weaving. Currently, fully formed plate making on the market adopts methods such as manual disassembly and conversion,The efficiency of drawing is low, and the steps are cumbersome and complex.

Hengqiang Technology always adheres to the principle of putting users first, deeply understands user needs, and creates a "new" technology for fully formed plate making to address the pain points of users,Integrated plate making, optimized process, reduced threshold for fully formed plate making, and improved drawing efficiency.

Hengqiang Technology crafted with craftsmanship,「Fully formed plate making」软件即将发布!和恒强小Q一起先睹为快!

Product Highlights

Hengqiang fully formed plate making software integrates the original front and rear sleeve process sheets intoFull Forming Process Sheetcentre,Generate a fully formed pattern. Maximally optimize the operation process of plate making personnel, improve the convenience of horizontal mechanism plate, shorten weaving time, and increase production value.


1. Input and save the full forming process sheet

According to the model, input and generate a full forming process sheet according to the ordinary process sheet mode. Directly import and export the set full forming process sheet data, making drawing more convenient and process sheet parameters adjustable, facilitating the optimization of the full forming contour and improving the comfort of the fabric.

2. Automatically generate compressed images

Generate color arrangement small maps based on the process model and the outline of the process sheet, facilitating later pattern adjustment, improving drawing efficiency, and saving drawing time.

3. Automatic extraction of fully formed small images

Automatically extract and recognize system small images based on color arrangement and compression, intelligently unfold the pattern, making it convenient and efficient.

4. Compression pattern unfolding

Expand the fully formed compressed image based on the color arrangement of the small image, and generate the machine developed pattern for easy operation, viewing, and modification in the later stage.

5. Fully formed compilation

      In full form mode compilation, optimize the stroke for full form actions to make the stroke more reasonable and the weaving machine more efficient.

6. Quick switching between multiple images

Preserve different stages of drawing patterns, allowing for free switching and modification of contour maps, compressed maps, unfolded patterns, etc., for easy inspection and modification of patterns.

Hengqiang Technology will continue to innovate and explore, continuously leading new changes in the industry!

Looking forward to sharing with you the newly upgradedFully formed plate makingsoftware!

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