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Life First, Safety First | Hengqiang Technology organizes employees to participate in the safety training for millions of employees

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2023-09-07 14:21


In order to fully implement the national safety literacy improvement plan and effectively enhance the safety skills and emergency response capabilities of employees in various production and operation units, according to the requirements of the safety training for millions of employees in provincial, municipal, and district enterprises, Xianlin Street held a safety training for millions of employees on July 9th. The main leaders, safety management personnel, and key personnel of Hengqiang Technology participated in this training.


It is reported that the safety training for millions of employees is guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the content covers basic knowledge of production safety, knowledge of job safety operations and knowledge of emergency response, and adheres to the combination of enterprise autonomy and departmental promotion, combination of theoretical learning and practical hands-on training, combination of offline training and online training, and combination of centralized training and independent learning.


Hengqiang science and technology has always put the staff safety in the first place, the use of safety warning signs, slogans, safety training and other forms of extensive safety education, always reminding employees not to forget the safety of production, to promote safety education into the brain, into the heart, urging employees to develop good safety behavior. It is hoped that through this one million employees safety training, can further strengthen the constant strength of science and technology safety management personnel "will be safe", employees "know safety".


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