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Zhejiang Hengqiang Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent industrial control, was established in 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end industrial automation and intelligent equipment such as knitting equipment computer control system and industrial robot control system.
The intelligent knitting electric control system independently developed by Zhejiang Hengqiang Technology Co., Ltd., including automatic computerized flat knitting machine, hosiery machine, circular loom, glove machine and embroidery machine, has affected the long-term monopoly pattern of foreign advanced countries on the domestic knitting electric control industry to a certain extent, and has established a brand image of large user base, equipment preservation, technology first and excellent service in the market.
In recent years, after the full-automatic computerized flat knitting machine control system, another representative product of Hengqiang's intelligent revolution, RCS series industrial robot control system has also been successfully developed and achieved batch sales. It has established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises such as Qianjiang Motor and Efter.
With the continuous development of the company, Hengqiang now has a high-quality R & D team specializing in hardware, software, communication, network and other fields to master the core key technologies in the field of intelligent control. At the same time, it also absorbs the international high-end management talents to join and invest heavily in the introduction of advanced production, testing and testing equipment, and has set up a "microprocessor joint laboratory" with TI company of the United States to build a cutting-edge industry technology research and development base. In addition, Hengqiang is also a standard-setting unit of "Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute" and "Horizontal Machine CNC System", and has twice won the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the title of Provincial Patent Demonstration Enterprise, and undertaken the National Torch Plan and other projects.
The legend of Hengqiang is the result of the progress of the industry. Hengqiang people will continue to consolidate the technical foundation to open up a broader market for customers, provide solid backing to maintain a win-win situation with all links of the industrial chain, and continue to contribute to national industrial automation and intelligence.

Hengqiang Intelligent Control

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Specializing in knitting equipment computer control system, industrial robot control system and other high-end industrial automation and intelligent equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

Hengqiang Intelligent Control

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In-depth study of customer needs, timely discovery, mining and lead the future market opportunities, accurate market positioning, product positioning and brand positioning. Constantly creating new market demands.

Hengqiang Intelligent Control

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